The Briefcase

a podcast by Benjamin Welch

Short of the Week

We believe the web will change everything. If short films are a filmmaker’s playground, then the web is an open field. We’ll see new ways to make stories through DSLRs, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding as well as new formats for telling stories like web series, branded films, and interactive films.

This excites the cuss out me. Not just for film but for pretty much everything. And it’s not the web that’s changing everything. The web made it possible. It’s what people are doing with the web that’s changing things.

Up until the last couple years, these changes were something I had to proclaim to non “web” people. “Don’t you see? It’s coming!”, I would say. But recently, the web has started to make good on those promises. Starting a media network from your bedroom is a real thing. It’s been done. I just bought and watched Indie Game: The Movie. A brilliant documentary about independent video game developers funded on Kickstarter by those that wanted to see this movie made. I helped fund an interactive 3D animated story book that I can’t wait to read? play? see? listen to?

I don’t mean to get all hyperbolic but this is the most exciting time to be making anything. And it’s a lot of pressure. Big excuses like money, resources and distribution are being pulled out from under us. The only big question left is, what do I want to spend my time on?