The Briefcase

a podcast by Benjamin Welch

About this site

The Briefcase is an autobiographical, narrative podcast. Part music project, part memoir, part recommendations. The world is a confusing place. I’ll do my best to sort it out for you and me. One episode at a time.

This site would not be possible without the help of coffee, computers, and the internet.

Portrait of Benjamin Welch

Portrait by Tim Van Damme

About me

I make stuff. This site is a place for me to do just that.

Currently, I work at Typekit and they’re the coolest group of people I’ve ever worked with. I do my best to make life a bit easier for our customers. I live and work in Brooklyn, NY.

Thanks so much for listening.


This site is happily hosted on Linode and published using a customized version of Nanoc. The typefaces are Halyard from Darden Studio & Acumin Pro from Adobe Type.


My current machine is a 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K Display (2017), 32 gigs of RAM, and 512GB of flash storage. This is the best computer I’ve ever owned.

I use an iPad Pro 10.5. This thing is insane. I’ve found it to be a fantastic tool for research, writing, and making music.

The device that never leaves my side is an iPhone X.


Logic Pro X

Used for recording, arranging, and mixing audio. Final production is done here.

Bitwig Studio

Used for it’s clip launcher, excellent midi routing, and the modulators. Ideas start and take shape here.

Clarett 4Pre

A great thunderbolt audio interface with 4 mic preamps.

Heil PR 40

A great, broadcast quality mic. This is for everything voiceover.


A great condenser mic. I just this for all things singing and musical.


I use a bunch of different things to make music. Many of them are software based. This is some of my favorite hardware.

Maschine MK3

This has changed how I work more than any other tool. My favorite way to start from scratch and compose.

Modular Synthesizers

I recently got into modular synths. That’s a can of worms I’ll never be able to close.

Elektron Analog Four MKI

This is an amazing four-voice analog synth and incredible four-track sequencer.

Elektron Digitakt

8 voice digital drum computer & sampler. If you’re curious, watch this first look.

OB-6 Desktop

6-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer. It does something surprising every time I turn it on.

Komplete Kontrol S25

A smallish midi controller that has some really neat features.